Our People
Partners YM Raja Mohamad Salleh Bin Raja Abdul Rahman YM Raja Mohamad Salleh Bin Raja Abdul Rahman graduated from MARA Institute of Technology (now known as MARA University of Technology) in 1967 where he obtained the membership in Malaysian Association of Certified Public Accountants (MACPA). Due to this deep interest in academic world, he joined MARA Institute of Technology as a Lecturer in 1969 until he was offered to be the first Bursar of Universiti Pertanian Malaysia(now known as Universiti Putra Malaysia) in 1971. He led the pioneer team to set up the Finance and Administration Department in Universiti Pertanian Malaysia. YM Raja Mohamad Salleh met Mr Lim Kim Cheong in early 70′s. He already had his own practice, Raja Salleh & Co.. The mutual interest and friendship led them to merge their practices and become Raja Salleh, Lim & Co.. YM Raja Mohamad Salleh now oversees the Public Sector Audit assignments and Co-operative Societies where he has developed close rapport with the representatives from Auditors’ General Office and also Jabatan Pembangunan Koperasi. YM Raja Mohamad Salleh is also a member of Malaysian Institute of Accountant (MIA).   Mr Lim Kim Cheong Mr Lim Kim Cheong has more than 30 years of experience in audit. He started his career in Ernst & Whinney (now known as Ernst & Young) from 1960-1970. Mr Lim has involved in many aspect of the industry namely; audit, accounting, liquidation, receivership, taxation, secretarial practice and others. In 1962, Mr Lim be came an associate member in the Australian Society Accountants (CPA Australia). He left Ernst & Whinney in 1970 to set up his own practice KC Lim & Co. before he teamed up with YM Raja Mohamad Salleh to set up Raja Salleh, Lim & Co.. Currently, Mr Lim is a Managing Partner of Raja Salleh, Lim & Co.. Mr Lim is also the author of several Chinese publications. It is his wish to share his accounting knowledge and experience with the people around him. This certainly has benefited Raja Salleh, Lim & Co. to stand firm against time for almost 33 years. Mr Lim is a member of Malaysian Institute of Accountant, Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia, Malaysian Institute of Management, as well as the Malaysian Association of Company Secretaries.   Mr Lim Lip Chin Lim Lip Chin is a partner of audit firm, Raja Salleh Lim & Co. He holds a Degree of Laws from University of London and fellow of the Association of Chartered Accountant. He is also a member of Malaysian Institute of Accountants, Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia and Malaysian Association of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administration. His career began at Ernst & Young where for six years he has involved in assurance and advisory services as well as the Corporate Recovery & Corporate Finance Services. He also specialised in Due Diligence in respect of Merger & Acquisition exercise especially in Banking and Finance sector. Later, he joined Price water house Coopers, Singapore as an Assistant Manager of Audit Division. But prior to that, he served as Tax Consultant with KPMG Tax Services. To strengthen his professional profession as a Chartered Accountant, he joins a few professional bodies such as The Chartered Institute of Marketing, Financial Planning Association of Malaysia, The Institute of Internal Auditors Malaysia and Information System Audit and Control Association. Our Senior Management Principal – YM Tengku Sofia Sabrina Bte Tengku Ab. Aziz YM Tengku Sofia Sabrina Bte Tengku Ab Aziz joined the firm in year 2000. She graduated from Technology MARA University, holding a Bachelor degree of Accountancy (Honours). She is in charge of monitoring the firm’s tax section, volunteering the firm in issues related to Inland Revenue Board and commercial clients. She also correlated with firm’s administration. She is a member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountant and Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia. Manager – Encik Mohamad Faizal Bin Jamaludin Encik Mohamad Faizal Bin Jamaludin has joined the firm in year 2006. He holds a Bachelor of Accountancy (Honours) degree from University Malaya. He is in charge of government and commercial sector audit. He is a member of Malaysian Institute of Accountant.
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